This is one of the best online courses to learn Linux from Udemy in 2023. Created by Ziyad Hiya, this Udemy online course will teach you Linux Command-Line from scratch with a project-based approach. In the past, I have shared some Linux command-line books and today I’ll share some of the free online training courses to learn Linux in 2023. Since Linux is an operating system, Linux has many uses.

  • I will assume you are running Windows on your laptop or desktop machines, although Linux has some special advantages working with a Linux server.
  • Many people’s journey into the field can start off with a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Job duties may also include writing documentation and providing technical support.
  • Lately, it has become more popular on desktop computers and with the rise of smartphones, Linux is everywhere.

More importantly, you will be able to put those concepts to use in practical real-world situations. So it will be really worth it if you can get some basic experience on the Linux OS before you start working on Cloud servers. This is the first step towards learning Linux commands, particularly if you do most of your work in Mac or Windows. Although it takes a lot of time to become an expert in the Linux command line, having a lab setup is the best way to try out those commands by yourself. This course gives you the absolute shortest path to learning the basics. It also provides you the fastest way to learn the most advanced features, too.

Advanced Text-Fu

Additionally, because Linux has so many uses, learning Linux online can be an opportunity to narrow one’s focus beyond what’s learned in a Linux for beginners course. Mumshad is passionate about sharing his knowledge and teaches over 600,000+ students worldwide. He believes the best linux lessons way to learn is to learn by doing and in a fun way. He has authored multiple courses on DevOps and Cloud & Automation technologies. Mumshad’s courses focus on providing students with an interactive and hands-on experience in learning new technology that makes it fun & exciting.

  • Once you type a command correctly, you advance to the next step.
  • I will try to be clear on what techniques are for use behind a firewall and which can be used over the Internet.
  • So for our second session, lets compare application on Windows and Linux.

I can study for short periods or long periods at my own convenience – mostly late in the evenings. You’ll learn how to use Bash commands and write Bash scripts that allow you to automate tasks and power up what we can do in Linux. Live, instructor-led training conducted over the internet, featuring the same hands-on labs as our traditional classroom training.

Become a Better Linux User

Have you heard about Linux in the News and wondering what is this new beast? Follow along as we discuss a strategy for converting your Desktop from Windows to Linux. In addition to the topic of Finding Help, I will answer some questions about backups and how to Virus check and recover files from a Windows computer.

What is the best course to learn Linux?

  • Learning Linux for LFCA Certification: LearnQuest.
  • Linux Fundamentals: LearnQuest.
  • Hands-on Introduction to Linux Commands and Shell Scripting: IBM.
  • Fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Red Hat.
  • Advanced Embedded Linux Development: University of Colorado Boulder.